Alphaville Lyrics – Dream Dancer

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Alphaville Dream Dancer Lyrics:
The time stands still in the empty town
On the iron grey sky,
The plane moves on
Like a kiss of steel

Everything what was to be said
Was already said
The dreams are dreamed
The warriors are gone
The stars are gone
Your room is so empty, like the moon

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Go on, on your path
Listen to the automatic
Follow the light to the center of the picture
Everyone goes alone
Everyone for themselves to the road to Alphaville.

Give me your hand that’s an order
Give me your hand for the last dance
You are like a spark in the night
I am the machine in your dream

Rainbows are like a dream
Once around the sun and back
it’s like a dream
So, dance, dance
Lyrics: Dream Dancer, Alphaville [end]

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