Anonymous Lyrics – Run Up the Hill

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Run Up The Hill
I just met you last Sunday;
When I went to do the laundry;
And I thought you were a witch.

I had fallen in love;
You were my snow white dove;
But that was just another glitch.

How can this be real?
I thought we had a deal;
But you left me with the bill;
You left me to run up the hill.

I always tried to be nice;
But your voice was like dry ice;
Now it’s time to roll the dice;
I have always known there were mice.
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We had this big fight;
It lasted over the night;
At last you turned off the light;
And I thought: beware, she bites.

I had to sleep on the couch that day;
Later you told me to go away;
Don’t you worry; I’ll keep at bay;
‘Because I don’t wanna hear what you’ve got to say.

How can this be real?
I thought we had a deal.
But you just proved you won’t cry;
Even if I; even if I die (for you).

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