Bikey Lyrics – The Wonderer

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Bikey The Wonderer Lyrics:
Baby got me thinking got me thinking like a wonderer
mind all around like moses i’m a wanderer
swish swish swish magic wand like a socerer
wake up in the morning like i never heard of her
brighten up my day wake me up i’m a colorer
kill my thoughts till they dead like a murderer
minds running loose so i cornered ‘er
i am the victim u can call her the toucherer
got my heart and my brain squish right in front o’ er
moving all around watch me Rome like a conqueror

Baby got me thinking got me thinking like a wonderer
Heart so heavy like a weight on my chest
love so deadly take a bullet wear a vest
gimme what u got put me to the test
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u given me ur worst i gave up my best
body so tired now i gotta rest
feeling so guilty pleading no contest
world upside down make it all reset
sun is setting in the east and its rising in the west
buzzing in ur ear like a bug like a pest
its the wonderer storming longing for some zest

Baby got me thinking got me thinking like a wonderer
fighting with my mind trying to defend
u little did i know u was all pretend
thinking of a chance so i can just remend
trying so hard but i cant comprehend
the vibes and the signals and all that u send
now i know its all u did not intend
trying to lay low see if i can blend
life was so good thought you was my friend
gotta give it up cos I can’t contend
i’m fighting with myself put this wondering to end
Lyrics: The Wonderer, Bikey [end]

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