Corey Hart Lyrics – She’s So Good

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Corey Hart She’s So Good Lyrics:
She moves
She runs
She’s got me where she wants me
Under her thumb

She’s coy
She’s cool
She’s nobody’s fool
Dancin’ under the sun

I keep looking at the road ahead
Where does it lead to baby
When I, oh I
Look into those
Pretty hazel eyes
Shouting out at the world

She’s so good
She’s, she’s so good
Oh yeah!

She turns
She grooves
She’s playing all the angles
To win

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She’s cool
She’s good
She’s got me on a whirling dervish spin

I keep looking at her …of …
Every picture tells a story
So I roll the dice
Cause you know she
Comes with a price
It simply gotta be

She’s so good
I said, she
She’s so good baby
Shee–ee–ee–ee really likes me
She’s so good

She digs songs by B.J. Thomas
And the Bluenotes
Don’t leave me this way
Free-spirited, peace-sign baby
From Holiday Park
To grand-slam celebrity

She gives love
Holding her hand out
To a friend

I said, she
She’s so good
Oh baby
She’s, she’s so good
Shee–ee–ee–ee really likes me
Oh baby she’s so gooood.
Lyrics: She’s So Good, Corey Hart [end]

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