Donnie Sands Lyrics – Let it Go

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I havent slept in three whole weeks,
And life’s catching up to me yea,
This time around

And I think that I’m over due for,
A pretty girl like you but,
You’re off the ground.

Ohh what to do?
What should I do?

Well maybe I could sit on the porch and drink a beer,
Or two or three… or six!

Or maybe I could go to sleep for hours or days,
Or weeks or years but,

No matter what I do,
I’ll still be, livin’ through,
The best of times, the worst of times,

And I guess it makes more sense if I-

Just let it, go-
I’ll just let it, go-

Find more similar lyrics on .’ve had friends walk out on me,
I can’t trust most family.
Where could I turn?

But my guitar she’s always there,
And music’s everywhere, that’s,
A lesson learned.

Ohh what to do?
what could I do?

Well I could play a different show every night,
Just for crowds of three,
Or I could risk it all on tour and play her when I feel hungry,

But it’ll always be me and her, fighting for this dream,
Cause she makes me sing…

So I’ll let it, go
I’ll just let it, go

Roll it off,
My shoulders now.

Just let it go.

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