Dynamic Lyrics – Throw Dem Grands

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Hook x1 – You say you gettin’ money well let em all know
28 grand on me when I hit the door throw dem grands on the floor
X4 – Throw dem grands on the floor
You can make it rain but umma make it storm
Got a hurricane and a blizzard on my arm throw dem grands on the floor
X4 – Throw dem grands on the floor

Verse 1 – Hotta than a mug, but im chillin in my lambo
Ridin’ through the hood goin’ everywhere my fam go
Outside jelly but the inside tan though
Choppers in the whip lookin’ something like Rambo
Got em all jockin yea they flockin’ to the coupe
Yea I carry big guns if you boys wanna shoot
And I aint’ got em all, I’m not wrapped tight
You say you need a hundred I can get it in a night
Yea I’m eating good but I say it’s bout time
Word in the street that the boy bout mines
And the boy gone grind, damn right im gone shine
Lookin’ at my wrist damn right you’ll go blind
Jell-O on the Chevy, I did it for attention
The black brad pitt impossible to mention
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Shawty on deck just to sweat out her intensions (Yea)

Hook – X1

Verse 2 – Higher than a mug, but im richer than a…….
One look up at the donk a make dem boy’s call it quits
The boy not right, me and him the same height
How his old school Chevy sit up with the stop lights
One thing about it see you boys not me
I done seen things that you boys won’t see
Been so many places that you boys won’t be
While you pay for ……. Boy im getting off free
Look off in his mouth all dem got damn gold’s
Look off in his closet all dem got damn clothes
Look off in his phone all dem got damn hoes
Look off at his dates all dem got damn shows
Money aint’ a problem man da boy stay paid
Fu…….aint’ a problem man the boy stay laid
Guns aint’ a problem man the boy stay k aid
Stuntin’ aint’ a problem boy the Chevy been sprayed (Mkay)

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