Fame Faded Fame Lyrics – We’re Wealthy

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Fame Faded Fame We’re Wealthy Lyrics:
Shes a Teacher who really cares
Takes away the childrens fears
spins the wheel of dreams they say
Lets us go out and play play play

Show us some cool things to know
lets have a puppet show
I’ll be the wolf and you be the doll
Only thing missing is Simon Cowell

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Judge us and tell us we’re good
take us to hollywood
I wanna be a star and rock the floor
Never worry about money anymore

We can thank Kelly for this
I think I’ll give her a big kiss
thanks for the encouragement you gave
Now alls I need is a Servant or Slave (JK)

Wealthy We’re Wealthy
Wealthy We’re Wealthy

[fade] Awesome Kids..
Lyrics: We’re Wealthy, Fame Faded Fame [end]

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