Gargage Lyrics – Deer Run Ln

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Gargage Deer Run Ln Lyrics:
I hear the mutter of the wind it’s calling,
I feel the rhythm of the rain drops falling down,
Leaving all that’s inside me…
Dark as the night you drank your problems away
To find that nothing really matters at the end of the day
it’s fear that’s driving you to the extremes…
But will it take you farther?

Find me before it gets too cold
I knew it wasn’t in me but I still kept going
Now it’s all upon me and I’m struggling to pull through
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I didn’t think I’d really need you,
It was a matter of time
Now you’re the one that keeps drawing the line,
But just enough to keep me alive…

I’ll figure it out on my own.
These chains may hold me but not for long…

Take me somewhere new…

[Lyrics: Ian Pescod
Music: Ian Pescod
Arrangements: Gargage]

Lyrics: Deer Run Ln, Gargage [end]

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