Gargage Lyrics – Don’T Tell me

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Gargage Don’t Tell Me Lyrics:
Your life is just the same
As everybody else’s
You live in constant fear
You can’t speak for yourself
Your faith is all you have nothing, to be attached
Nothing to wait for
only to criticize…

Just look into my eyes
you’ll find out that your life
Is not worth what they say it is

I can’t believe my eyes, this world that I have seen is betraying me.

Hold position they say
You hold position
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you’re like a dog
Hold your position

Oh how you love to not be there
(Keep wasting your time)
Your ignorance is your blessing,
don’t miss your change to be a part of no one’s life

And every word you wrote and every word your wrote, every word you saidd
Will destroy

Just like the rest you are not the best
None of your words are original
They all come from a standardized social book of rules
You don’t stand out, you follow orders
And if you don’t you think you’ll perish

Grow up.

[Lyrics: Ramon Vallarino
Music: Ramon Vallarino, Ian Pescod]

Lyrics: Don’t Tell Me, Gargage [end]

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