Groove Cutter Lyrics – Sizzling Hot

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Take me up cause I’m feeling hot right now
I got that feeling and I’ll show you how
So stand back because its time to wow
Feel the music and feel the beat
Love is motion at your feet
Now we’re running we can feel the heat
Turn it up cause here comes the beat
All the men just move around
And all the ladies lets hear your sound
In the rhythm it’s hot on the ground

So let’s move it up and move it down
Nobody’s stopping cause here’s the sound
We got the rhythm we got the moves
So stomp your feet to all the grooves
And the beat don’t stop until you drop

I can feel a slight rush in the air
My baby’s moving like she don’t care
it’s all happening it’s just so neat
This new sensation I’m feeling is so complete
It lifts me up off my feet
I dance around to the new form of sound
There is no stopping me until I come down

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Time a ticking it’s moving so fast
It just won’t stop until the last
The moment we see we’d better grip on to
Cause with a rhythm so lush
We’re gonna get a big rush
So don’t hold back its time to attack
the dance floor baby has got no slack
So come on move closer every things feeling right
So yes come on baby tonight’s the night

Looking around it’s so full in the house
Everybody’s jumping to a good sensation
You just can’t stop the music nation
While the bass is moving the crowd
Everybody just shout out loud
Move the crowd just move the crowd
Everybody shout move the crowd
In the house we’re here to stay
So drop the baseline we’re here to play

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