Hollywood Holt Lyrics – Caked Up

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Hollywood Holt Caked Up Lyrics:
All my niggers caked up [x7]
We, we only raise till blokes

Hey you, over there
Bite my style but I don’t care
My style’s so fresh, its so unfair
You could never compete with the clothes I wear
I set the trends, I’ll say it clear
Me and Manner, we staying here
As the freshest niggers in the stratosphere
that’s why our names are always in your ear

Cause we so fresh, so fresh to death
When you see us just catch your breath
Cause we make people gasp for air
If you ain’t us, step to the left
Red carpet treatment all the time
At Burger King we cut the line
‘Gotta pay for this?’ ‘No sir, it’s fine’
that’s what we hearing all the time

Hey there’s mister me 2
Yeah nigger, I see you
But you ain’t got, what I got
Cause my shit’s really see-through
Your shit is foogazy
Just stop ballin’ crazy
Just get harder on yo grind
don’t wear this shit, they pay me

All my niggers caked up [x7]
We, we only wait for bucks

Yeah me and Manner going straight to the club
Now we ain’t riding clean, now we skate to the club
Niggers wanna see us so they wait at the club
They ain’t 21 so they bring a fake to the club
And its hilarious how we just chill
Go to the club start acting ill
Do anything we want at will
Cause we don’t care how you feel
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We go nuts up in the place
Do the robot in your face
Do the robot on your girl
Do the robot through the whole damn place
Cause we roll wild in every place
You don’t like it, here comes the mace
Not cool enough to do what it takes
Club etiquette, such a disgrace

Well, what are you gonna do
When we’re making fun of you
Cause you had to dress up and wear those shoes
Just to get up in the club and lose
Your girl to me, cause I’m so fly
Get in the club, don’t have to try
V.I.P. don’t need to whine
Man, you wanna be that guy

All my niggers caked up [x7]
We, we only wait for bucks

Treating niggers is what I do
I treat niggers with my treating crew
If you get treated ain’t mad at move
Cause there’s a special treatment just for you
Shut up nigger you just a lame
With your old-ass dubs and that fake-ass chain
We was wearing that shit just as a joke
What the fuck is on your lame-ass brain

Always following everybody
Trying to fit in at the party
Doing anything to impress these people
While me and my friends just laughing harder
Damn we walking but we don’t care
Wanna box, we’ll take you there
But you won’t step you’ll sit there
Because you think it’s so unfair

Why we caked up and you broke
Dude you just a fucking joke
What, its your fault you that way
You fuck so much everybody knows
Stack your paper, get on track
That whack-ass hat, man take that back
don’t stop, wait man, fuck all that
I ain’t giving you tips, nigger you just whack

All my niggers caked up
Lyrics: Caked Up, Hollywood Holt [end]

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