Jazze Pha Lyrics – Ya Blind

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Say playboy, whatchu know about Jazze Pha,
big E-Feezy 40 Fonzarelli from the Bay, and big ‘Ball?

Niggaz must be blind..
Or that hoe must got yo’ mind..
You niggaz must be blind..
Or that hoe must got yo’ mind.. your mind

She was lookin kinda classy in the back of the club
Baby kept eyein me, lovin the stud
Teasin and tryin me while I’m sittin there stuff(?)
Quiet like jockin me, all on my nuts
Til my focus got sloppy, spillin this cup
Went way up out of his mind and started touchin her butt
That’s premature mackin nigga you’re fuckin off my action
Nigga you Captain Save-a-Hoe (bitch) action packed nigga

You was young and foolish (young and foolish)
Didn’t know what you was doin (what you was doin)
Find more similar lyrics on .http://findsonglyrics.org/1lnz.Didn’t really know she was a hoe.. ohh noo (a hoe!)
She had a pretty face (pretty face)
Drove you wild (drove you wild)
I bet you want that hoe to have your child (yo’ child)

Yeah, uh-huh
I don’t respect no dick-suckin freak in the pack
Most niggaz claim pimpin but that shit be a act
I ain’t got nothin for you hoe
You ain’t got to spend the night, you can get your shit and go
I’m not no sugar daddy hoe one-stop
Top notch hoes even got to have they own knot
I seen niggaz get caught up, right quick
I seen hoes capitalize, and hit licks
I wonder what the fuck be wrong with these tricks
So me and 40 singin this song for these tricks
You know them niggaz who call them hoes all day
At the hoe job all in the hoe face
As soon as the hoe tip off and get tipsy
She got dick on her lips, up in the Embassy
And be home befo’ f

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