Jim Stevens Lyrics – Love Alone

May 10 2012 Published by under Lyrics

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Love, truth, hope
Guidance, wisdom
Tolerance, trust, “the way”
Compromise, compassion, caring
Romance, respect, we play
War ends today

This is all so very simple

Love Alone
Is all that these words mean
No meaning in between, just Love Alone
Love Alone
The pattern’s clear to see
If we could all just be
These words of hope
And not just cope
There’d be a lot more love
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Freedom, song, happiness, laughter
Friendship, the power to just BE
Thankfulness, inner peace, grow, giving
We, not I, the day
It never fades away

And it’s all so very simple


Earth and sky reflect the beauty
Of what’s inside you and me
This all works so perfectly
Sometimes it’s hard to see we’re all it
It’s US, love’s YOU, love’s ME


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