Joe Fox Lyrics – Joan (Additional Lyrics)

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Joe Fox Joan (Additional Lyrics) Lyrics:
Each day of life you see, is filled with strife, anxiety.
And yet when I’m with her, those feelings just do not occur.
I merely touch her hand, all else becomes unknown.
There’s just no one else on earth like my dear Joan.

And at night when she lies beside me. she says: “Can I lay my
head on your souldier (meaning shoulder)? And I reply:
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“Yes my love but when you do: This poor little pitiful private
1st class souldier is transformed into a 5 star general; it
happens every single night” And my heart sweals with such pride
and joy, that’s when I realize it true that men may have their dreams
but they won’t come true, at least it seems, till each has by his side
a girl whose love you cannot hide; and no matter what her name,
he’ll never be alone because every man must have his darling

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