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Kim Ray Home Lyrics:
In the morning
I’ve been Blinded by
Your light

God it’s so deep
It changed my mind
I feel free
Like a blue sky

All the bad days
And lonely cries
do you see it in my face
illuminated eyes
It’s been a while
It’s been a while

I feel at home
I feel at home with you

Lonesome evening
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You’re inside of me
And i’m smiling

It’s a long ride
In the wrong way
I do it all the same
To be at your side

We are living in heaven
I have no doubt
My arms wide open
and my feet on the ground
I choosed this life
yes i signed the deal
But i feel like i’m looking
for something that i can’t find

A life without you
without love to feel
It’s like a day without sun
without time i mean
Some days you make me cry
It reminds me who i am
and this is why i call you my


I feel at home
I feel at home with you
Lyrics: Home, Kim Ray [end]

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