Kim Ray Lyrics – Like the Sun

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Kim Ray Like the Sun Lyrics:
If your world is crashing down
You’re feeling lost in your hometown
Would you stay ?
Would you frown ?

Life is good
You don’t know now
You feel the pain
But love’s around
Althougt the rain
Keeps pouring down

If you run
I run with you
I’ll be there
Just like the sun
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If you run
I run with you
Just like the sun

When my world is crashing down
I like to take a walk downtown
Should I stay ?
should I frown ?

I don’t know now
The reason why
Since I met you
I feel alive
Oh yeah so alive

I see in your face
You don’t wanna go
Please tell me your name
I have to know
Lyrics: Like the Sun, Kim Ray [end]

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