King Gordy Lyrics – Beautiful Day

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Help me just a little bit.
I’m kind of illiterate.
I can’t read the fine print
But it’s so damn easy to be belligerent,
I just don’t give a shit.
I don’t think that I’ll quit
Being obnoxious and absurd
Like those who’ve seen the Loch Ness monster.
You’re hallucinatin’ fast,
You’re out of space in galaxies far away.
How many fights will I start today?
I’m brawlin’, I ain’t walkin’ away.
I’m often launchin’ at your jaw man, watch your face.
Now if I didn’t love you, I wouldn’t punch you.
I trust you and right afterwards, I’m gunna hug you
And say I’ll never do it again
But when we in front of our friends, let the beatings begin.
I take my anger out on those that I love the most.
They don’t deserve it but other than that, my life’s perfect.

Such a beautiful day, in my mind but
Then life takes it all away.
Now I’m blind.
It’s so dark I can’t see the light nor tell the night from day.
(Oh what a beautiful day)
I’m so happy I could cry.
I’d die but I’m too afraid.
(Such a beautiful day)

Where do I find time to write rhymes when I’m on cloud 9 high.
I don’t like to lie but I will if it makes you feel better.
Here’s a love letter.
It says that we’ll be together forever.
I’m still fuckin’ Keisha and Sarah inside of our bed.
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I don’t know what love is but I’ll tell you often.
Want me to marry you?
I hear you and your girls talkin’.
She thinks I’m the man of her dreams.
God damnit, I mean I can’t handle it.
Man, all these scandalous things I done done.
Fuck it son, go n grab her the ring.
Maybe we’ll happily ever after
And me, I won’t lust no more.
Shit, time will tell.
I can’t help myself, I love the smell of new coochie.
Hey, I’m no good, I’m worthless but shit, besides that man, my life is perfect.

Hey, come sit over here.
You ain’t gotta fear.
Hey, get this guy a beer.
We are friends here.
No I didn’t man.
Y’all are seein’ things.
I’m outtie G.
Why the cops surroundin’ me?
Why they punchin’ and cuffin’ me?
That wasn’t me sir, there’s no disturbancees.
Sorry mr. officer but I ain’t ready to leave.
I pulled away and started runnin, y’all ain’t catchin’ me.
I got caught in two seconds cuz I stumbled and fell.
I guess you shouldn’t try to flee when you’re drunk as Hell.
Still handcuffed man fuck, look at my damn luck.
This never would’ve happened if dude wouldn’t have ran up.
You say he didn’t but I seen what the jerk did.
Shit, besides that man, my night was perfect.

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