L.Squ33zii Lyrics – My Name is L.Squ33zii

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Uh imma spray em when I see em
light my swagg on fire throw it floatin like an eagle
screamin so loud bitches reachin for that c note
got yo bitch in bed gimme head no deep throat
squeezy on the mic young sam on the beat no
lets go muh fucka you know how i role
imm hipp,boston,lingo,lets go
im the best thing to happen to rap since uh death row
nigga im a boss yea nigga im a boss
blowin money out my ass yea we call that paper toss
and you niggas at a loss if you steppin to me
kuz ill click clack pow but only lyrically,please
ok yup they call me l.squ33zii
all da bitches love me
niggas wanna be me
swagger so stupid
why you smilin at me B
i’ll eat ya cheesy ass nigga
people always ask
why they call you l.squ33zii
not again man but all the girls love me
i push up on ya girl
and i make her wanna hug me
now she all up on my jock tryna squeez me like her hubby
uh u niggas gay
imma strike a match wit ya girl no flame
she the type to give a nigga brain all day
and my swagg is to blame
and u haters r lame ayye
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i got more gas in the tank
im not tired
nigga mad desire
yea dats me kuz ya boy heres a G
yea my name is l.squ33zii
yea yea nigga
all da girls love me
hit my cat daddy and especially when i dougie
my flow is so fresh
hell yea its so nice
kuz ya mans so cool over here no ice
and im a jerk
ya boi go to work
my name is l.squ33zii
so you know im a flirt
can you teach me how to jerk?
no audio push
is ya girls name reggie kuz she do gotta bush
my name is l.squ33zii
like i said
girl get in the bed can you give me head
i dont know
ya girls not a hoe
she refused to suck my dick so she gave me her throat
turn around let me grab ya hair
imma poke you in the butt no derear
give me a round of applause and start clappin that shit
while im dickin you down and start slappin dat bitch

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