Mark Manthei Lyrics – Two Days to Live

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You can see the waves
Crashing to the shore
Try to make up names
Like timothy and jane

I’d rather name the ocean
Majestic king of spades
Bear with me on this one
Stay with me on this one

Can you feel the love of god surround us
We were lost until he found us
Crippled boy with two days to live

Like the waves to pebbled shore
We pass away – we are no more
But jesus took the time to know my name

The trouble with a name
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Whether you are bad
Or whether you have changed

But i know that you
Are my exception to the rule
You hold me with your hands
You say you understand

You can nail your hands to the wood
You can nod and say you understood
You can sell your soul
Or give it to another

You can analyze yourself to death
Or you can pay someone to do it
But there’s nothing you can do
To cause him not to love you

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