Mc Zulu Lyrics – Badman Bounce

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Mc Zulu Badman Bounce Lyrics:
Come check the new brand sound the selekta using now fi get the party started
This sound make the gal dem wind up inna dance and the riddim make you jump up on it
Just shake your waist like you never did before, hypnotize you with this tonic
You should have known by now, dem call it

Bounce, Bounce, Bounce, Bounce

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Don’t confuse these tales of sexy gals winding for The Bad Man being one track minded
I like to know what goes on inside as much as I like to watch from behind it
Gyal want man grind it? Seek the right one, dem shall find it
Good to be the gyal underneath The Bad Man reclining, Bounce it with timing

Radio station add this to your rotation, this sound mash up the nation
Raise up all your expectation, no matter your circumstance or your situation
When The Bad Man kill it, every time dem say Bounce
you’re going to get bass in great amounts, Mek the gal feel it, almost too much to deal with
Lyrics: Badman Bounce, Mc Zulu [end]

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