Official Secrets Act Lyrics – Snakes and Ladders

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Black hair and skinny thighs,
You say you feel like you got smoke in your eyes when you wake up.
Another year is all she needs,
She finds it hard to breathe with all the space the other people take up.

And though you look a little bored,
As if you’ve seen it all before,
My eyes are not too dry and sore to appreciate there’s more behind the make-up.

I take a leap,
I take a fall,
He wants to put my head thorugh the wall,
But I would do it all again for you….

I believe that our time may have come…

She has a mind of her own,
She takes some time on her own,
She says I’m fine on my own,
You say enough I know, I know I need a shake up.

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He talks of fire on the trains,
But all he really wants to say to her is:
‘I dont, I don’t, I don’t want to break up!’

Dissapointement feeds upon me like an ancient plague of locusts,
Til the thought of your existence brings the world back into focus,
I get choked up…

With all I’ve loved, all that I’ve hated,
All I’ve murdered and created,
Now I’ve been around the block,
Now that my appetie is sated,
I would do it all again for you…

Snakes and Ladders Have crept into my life.
They pick me up and put me down at the most suprising times.
Do not despair if this life is not the life you had in mind,
Neither is mine!
Snakes and Ladders will get you every time.

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