One 50 Lyrics – Black Asian King

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One 50 Black Asian King Lyrics:
Blood taker
I kill the mad hater
Blood taker
I flip and flash the folder
Blood taker
I’m back for the steel bricks
Black asian king

Sardines in the game, every day I smoke my weed
I think big and dream big
Gangsta still pushing the cocaine, relay the black king
Money making profit got you on ok drug case
This is me Mr. Teco Brasco
I’m still in the game cooking the best of shit
One hit on your leg make you double
Still busting it with the criminals police
Now my shit start to leak like the breeze from the sea
Still boxing for fun when I’m on the run to blast crooked ass motherfuckers


Nigga run when you see me clutching the bricks on your lips
2011 got me clashing with the police
I never scared to leave
I’ma die in the rap game but not selling my soul in vain
One time study, I shots some niggas in the slum
Just pay the cash and walk out
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16 hammers on your blow slug
Welcome to the black asian hair cut cut


I see niggas running in the studio when they hear my rap tunes
Niggas so crazy telling the kids about only eating bread and butter
Fresh 38 in the folder when I hit the block corner
I make it work all the time when the cowards try to stop my shine
Rappers now making money out of beef shit
Turn the box over and get your bitch soda
Yeah, the hood don’t fuck with gangsta who do dirt
White sneak, black jean, white T-shirt, black face cap, long AK
Shit spin, I’m doing it 380, drop the fucking cash, gangsta walk on them
Pick it up, don’t trip, slap you up in the box grip
Flow flip, I fly out of state, still the drama can’t wait
Yeah, I make it move north, New York niggas feel this shit

Your hood ain’t got no smart thug, BMW shooting, now see ya niggas blood
I’m leaving cause I’m on the last hood dirty shit
I move up more bricks, ya rider can’t make it real on it
I melt the bitch in the middle of the pushing flicks
Lick all kinds of bullets from my wallet, fly back again on the gangsta mallet, co-exist outlet
Motherfuckers can’t dance in my face
Black gloves rider comes through with the hollow tips
Broad day light killing, 16-12 on the bus set, niggas feel so so heat
Dead and lost with five shots, do the same on cops
Order more bullets from papa Jack, hood rats slack, gangsta switch batch
Spray you in the tinted ride and smoke out your ass
Like this like a slow motion glass on the mafia file
Heat up your ass and fly under the water for more butter and potters


[Written by: One 50]
Lyrics: Black Asian King, One 50 [end]

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