One 50 Lyrics – Heart Robber

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One 50 Heart Robber Lyrics:
Heart robber
Take them off
Heart robber
Take them off

Heart robber
Take them out
Heart robber
Take them out

She playing games on file like a super star
And when she hit the club, niggas wanna fly
Pimps lips comes on the dics, flipping on the glass
She do the mix when niggas want to slide
Catching the heart of a star, ass hanging crash
Money flying from the sky, she play them hard
Limo banging from the grass, she dance flat
Making the whole club switch glocks
Face caps turn around like sked
The heart robber always drop it like guitar

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Many niggas hit them club for them freak in the pants
But I need them in the sheets
The weed is streets beef, why we dream big
Catch a case later in drug struggling
But I always be on the block hustling
Cause my little homies ain’t struggling
We cop them mics and start spitting
In the black jeep riding all day shooting
My gangs don’t like no slow motion slipping
L.I.B thug niggs ain’t never on the block sleeping


My nigga running mad for the heart robber
So we just pull up some hennessy and nigga mind is overseas
Yap,yap, the nigga gap,gap like wap,wap drop
Pushing that nigga in the jeep wasn’t a easy thang
Ring switch off but sneaks got G’s up
Fresh pair of G Unit sneaks got in for the AK spit
Rider for real all day don’t take shit
Glocks and bullets rounds drops in the busting
No talking, we ain’t ready for any missing
Busting and coming back on high speed like 12 rounds

[Written by: One 50]
Lyrics: Heart Robber, One 50 [end]

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