Oran "Juice" Jones Lyrics – Poppin’ That Fly Shit (DJ Clark Kent Remix)

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(Pop that fly shit, daddy
Clark-Clark-Clark-Clark Kent’ll make it hot)

Let me take your time, baby
to tell you who you are
The sun and the moon should respect you, girl
cos you’re a star
Turn a pamp into a champ, baby
with you rlittle shooby-doo
You want to get the freak inside of me
is enough, to bring the freak outta you
Well I’ma swing it like a king and just doin my thing
And I’ve macked around the world
But I’d turn around and lay the game down
if you said you’d be my girl
Whatever you want to get to, baby
you grab me and we can go
Just a player and his princess
May we forever flow and glow (Pop that fly shit, daddy)

So now you know (now you know)
why you wanna be with me (why you wanna be with me)
You like it (Baby, you like it)
Poppin’ that fly shit (Daddy be poppin’ that fly shit)

I wonder when you hit the fast track
Baby, how ya gonna show?
Whether you claim fame in a game
whose name is “Cough-N-Blow”
But I’ma let you represent me, baby
Cos I’m a sucker for style and grace
And you gon’ be my pony
if you never win a race (Pop that fly shit)

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Don’t gimme a swing, I got mines and that’s the thing
Twenty rubies and forty diamonds equal one emerald gleam
Pimp supreme theme, run a triple team up the anal
Clark, Lo wit the “Juice” Jones, send us the game, it’s fatal

Aaaaah, hop on the yamada hot, sweet hotter than rapid fire
Slipped her my twoby hookers from the Oak to Crenshaw
Super pimp, smoke the Kryptonite and wit the Lois Lane
wit the hurricane, my bro’s will rock your body

The silver bullets floatin, why you keep dotin? Lay the land of lepra
Connect it to my Rodeo Drive out in Cali
Poke mine, cane off a ?Sally Demnes?, scuffed up my Bally’s
Got to get the Chinny’s so the ????? brigade won’t volley

Cross hit the snow and now, she walk between the snowflakes
I make my jalapeno and cheddar, cherry whole
and hook up for your nose, I got the sniffer
Nuff of this, for this 3-man dream, daddy I’m Don *?Punilias?*

I’m in for the long haul, baby
If you’ve got rabbit in ya, you need not apply
(Uh) Cos I plan to stay wit’cha til we see flyin cars, understand
(Yeah, you got game)
Now look here, darling, yeah so
You about the flyest thing I seen all day long (Right)
Now what say you and I go to my hut, baby (Mmmm hmmmm)
We get zestfully clean and do something fresh and exciting
We be on a primitive tip, jump into some ol’ circle-of-love-type thing
(It’s that time of the month!)
What? It’s that time of the month?
Oh no baby, that’s a small thing, I ain’t worried about that
Hey, what’s my name? (Juice)
Time of the month, that don’t bother me, baby
Tell me somethin darlin (Uh huh)
You ain’t got a toothache, do ya?
(What? A toothache?)
(Clark Kent’ll make it hot)

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