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Poems My Family and Friends Lyrics:
Hey do you remember the crack epidemic way back in the 80’s?
it never went away they’re wack and taking advantage of the welfare system creating babies,
the addiction just goes on and on from one generation to the next without any if ands or maybes,
I had a brother who had 2 heart attacks before he turned 35 he sold and sniffed coke then died in his Mercedes,
he had been sniffing coke since he was a teenager raised by a couple of crazies,
he had crashed so many times while drunk driving but it never made the dailies,
I have another brother who’s homeless and doesn’t even wanna see his own daughter’s cute little changing phases,
he beats his wife he can’t help it he’s addicted to so many drugs. Steroids didn’t help his many stages,
so now he’s always broke and he forever needs money,
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and is constantly “borrowing” from Daddy and Mummy,
even my brother’s heron addicted friend Stan Harkins,
lives out of his van and right at the dope spot is where he leaves his tire markings,
I’ve got a cousin who robbed a gas station,
who ended up getting shot by his own uncle who’s a cop who didn’t ask for an explanation,
the cop didn’t have to my cousin tried to run him over my cousin is an ass and that’s my observation,
my cousin didn’t even have the brains to wear a mask for this occupation,
I have a father who’s a blackout drunk the nicest drunk who wished HE had died instead of his son. He wishes he could’ve traded places,
I’ve got a crooked mother who’s methed out dumb and stealing cases,
I’ve got a cop uncle who’s got tons of guns coke and steel handcuff bracelets,
who let’s my mom get away with murder she’s has a rap sheet a mile long that just erases.

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