Rico Lyrics – Where You at?

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is rico
this right here is for you
yeah – ahuh
where you at where you at where you at shawty
yeah… uhh.. uhh. yeah..

Baby I seen u gone away- where you going girl?
come back here.. lets kick it
I wanna talk I wanna tell you how I feel
and if you listen I know you’ll see I’m being real
yeah- and why you hiding all emotions girl,
I’m here to give you what I promised, yes I mean the world.
yeah- and ill promise this, I’ll make us worth it
I am committed, ready to put the work in
cuz.. your one in a million
your my precious stone
And right here next to Rico is where you belong
by my side – fuck the pride
I know you’re feeling inside what I feel in mine
yeah and I know your time is valuable,
but I pay the cost or put my car up for collateral.
so can I have a minute? listen to my words
expressing feelings, left flying like a bird

where you at where you at where you at shawty -

Yeah uhh yeah uhh

Come closer I wanna have you next to me
I wanna give you everything everything

Baby I made decisions, I rather trade my life
cuz I still picture you in white dressed as my bride
yeah- don’t even lie, the feelings recent
instead of going up my life without you only decent
so low so low I’m rock bottom
hope it’s a season and it pass just like Autumn
but that ain’t possible
my life on pause for you
patiently waiting when I’m gonna be the one for you
is it ever gonna happen will I be the one?
can’t help but wonder is she waiting is she moving on..
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Can’t help but wonder is she waiting uhhh
can’t help but wonder is she waiting is she moving on

Yeah.. what it is..uhh just let me know – girl yeah

Are you still there? is you listening?
cuz if you are you must admit that your still feeling me
you must be missing me.. and it’s ok love
I think of you every day; therefore
I’m left to think your irreplaceable
true beauty baby- I promise your ways ain’t traceable
these girls be trying to holler
but I don’t spend a word
my life with you is clear, with them my shit is blurred
I need you yes only you
I reminisce times that I spent with you
called you my boo
my love just grew
so wipe the tear up off your face
I’m missing all the memories we made at our place
please don’t erase me
can you embrace me?
I’m just hoping that you never go replace me
I can’t replace you, no. girl
I will never replace you

No.. you are my only girl
you’ll always be my only girl
yeah yeah yeah uhhh yeahhhh

baby girl.. this I made for you and – and I hope
I hope you accept it. and and understand that
I love you girl and I’m confused and I’m lost and
I need you by my side baby.. you know what I’m
saying like, is so hard, you know.. I haven’t seen
you in a while I haven’t seen you in a minute and
everyday I think about you every day, every day I
wanna be by your side, everyday I’m hoping that I hear
from you but I know that’s not possible so I made this
song here just so you know how I feel.. and I think
if know how you feel too.

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