Sharon Cuneta Lyrics – Starlight

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Late at night
Lookin` at the stars
I`m thinking of you baby
Wond`rin where you are

When I say goodnight
Turn out the light
I still lay awake
Dreamin` of you
Holdin` me tight

Starlight, starbright
Wish I may, wish I might
Won`t you make him love me too
Make him want to hold me too
(And promise me forever)
And wish upon a star
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Wond`rin if I`ll ever fell your kiss
In my dreams I see your smilin` face
Trace a finger `round your lips

I hope and I pray
That maybe someday
You and I together
Will find our way

I`ll never stop wishin` on that star
`Til my dreams come true
And I can hold you
And love you

Starlight, starbright

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