Sick Jacken Lyrics – The L.D.

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“Little boy told his mama
Said, “Mama, I’m gon’ go downtown and win you a turkey”
She said, “Child, how you gon’ win me a turkey? “
Said, “Well, they havin’ a contest
At behind the hardware store
And the one who’d have the longest pee win the turkey”
She said, “Hon, I don’t want you goin’
Pullin’ all your pee out
Front of all them bitches”
He said,
“I ain’t gonna pull it all out, mama
Just enough to win the turkey”

I got my notebook held hostage
This Psycho lost it
It’s too late for you now, holmes
Te la pelaste
Sell like my funk X-rated, like I like my sex
This shit is nasty
Voila, muppet, you got it blastin’
I’m a momo legend
Put the L.D. down
That’s on the D.L.
Treat my notebook like a female
Got her in the flamingo, in goes my lingo
Single handedly, bust a nut, that’s when the egg flows
Put me on with Doobie, on tape, on a porno movie
Either way, I put the fuck down, homie
Keep your blue diamonds, my pants open
Chest in the fluffles, in it, from somethin’, keep ridin’
Love from that side, cause it’s a F-U-C, see
Lots of it, all the time, everyday, we perverts
Put in work, to the next jerk, until the head hurts
We rock M-I-C’s
IUD’s with ease
Wipe the side of your head, cause your ear just got these
Ita, put it down, stop frontin’
Give ‘em a Sprite and a paper towel, cause image is nothin’

What we comin’ with?
The L.D.
What’s that?
Long dick stylah rhymin’
Stab a track
Put the L.D.
What’s that?
With mic holds and sick flows
You can’t get enough, like nymphos
What we comin’ with?
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What’s that?
Long dick stylah rhymin’
Stab a track
Put the L.D.
What’s that?
With mic holds, with sick flows
Dope beats and pussy alike, will kill those

“So what is it this time?
You just wanna be held?
Or you want the L.D.? “
“What you think it is?
I want the L.D., baby”
“Uh, yeah! “

I’m loco with my porno
Expose naked photos
Hoes know the flow
I fold ‘em in a chokehold
The low blows and headbutts
Up low, peep my vocals
The sex reprosal
Oral sex, far from formal
I break it, rape it
.38, to your facelift
No second, are you fake
Cut throat
Watch ‘em waste it
I’ll hate them, take it
Rob they place, they can’t trace it
Face it, some replace it, butt in guts, can you taste it?
Laced it, erased it, when the bullets blast the pavement
You shake it, won’t make it, this clip will make your brains split
The same hit
Blame it on the mari in the basement
I’ll lay it, spray it down, you clowns just fake it
Save it
I’ll chase it, you can’t case it
Figure it out, by mistakin’ for another fake flip
The rain trip, the same clip
Riddles in your chest plate
The skin rip
Naked, screamin’ “Help!, ” never made it (HELP!)
Created all the chaos, caused the pain you’se sedated
Then escalated
A rated overrated rape (Wait)
Nickel plated, aim it, what’s your set, nigga, claim it
I’m wise in these streets, A.K.A., King David (BOMB, BOMB, BOMB, BOMB)

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