Slaine Lyrics – Close Your Eyes

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Close your eyes
Close your eyes
Don’t close your eyes
Close your eyes
Please don’t close your eyes

I walk a thin line every day of my life with the way that I live
And everything I say and I write
Words meshing with the melody, I’m staying up nights
I will fuck, cuss, fight, or pray in this mic
I been ugly, I been beautiful
I’m a serpent sliding inside of a sin musical
Since in uteral was unusual, isolated
Christ I waited up nights with hatred in a Chrysler wasted
Driving drunk, hit the gas pedal flash to a suicidal fantasy
My head through the dash would crash metal
Reflecting the flashing lights from the ambulance vans
Trying to bandage a man who lays bloody in a pool
Nobody is a fool, just the world’s either lovely
Or it’s ugly and it’s cruel
On the out looking in, so suddenly it’s you
Inside trying to get out with nothing you can do
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So many times I coulda quit, I shoulda
Shit, I tried so hard, it wouldn’t hit, I couldn’t fit
In this saturated world of infatuated girls
Frustrated my head twirls, my mind spins
The days of cravings for alcohol end with dying friends
Time spent and a pocket full of lint
I thought about a bullet sent in my head
So many of us did and some of us injected the lead
Instead I respected the dead and elected for life
So I could share emotion breathe breath in the mic
In a second a second life will ensue
Cause I believe evil exists but good is true
And I can see the good in you
I can’t say the same for me
There was times I was lost walking aimlessly
So I listened to the taps of the rain to sleep
And when it rapped on the pane yo it sang to me

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