Smokey Robinson and the Miracles Lyrics – Happy Landing

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“You better bee-ware,”
My frien’s all tol’ me,
Ah-when they saw that I was
Fallin’ for you-oo.
You better bee-ware, eah,
They tol’ me.
That girl ain’t gonna be true.
She’ll have you walkin’
With your head in the ai-air.
Ah-have you thinkin’ that
She really, really cares.
An’-ah, then she’ll let you down,
Ah-really let you down.

‘Cause she’s a girl
With no understanding.
And when she’s gets tired
Of ya hangin’ ‘roun’,
She’ll let you drop then say-ay-ayay,
“Have a happy landing.”
(Happy landing.)

Oh, but I fell for you anyway.
I didn’t care what
My friends had to say.
‘Cause I was so glad
That I had found ya.
I built my whole world
Right around ya.
You had me up
At nights for awhile.
Ah-had me thinkin’
You’d be mine for awhile
But-ah, then you let me down,
You really let me down

‘Cause you’re a girl
With no understanding.
And when you got ti-ired
Of me hangin’ ‘roun’,
You let me drop then, say-ay-ayaid,
“Have a happy landing.”
(Happy landing.)
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So, now you want me ta
Take you ba-a-ack.
Ya stayed away such a
Long, long time.
You broke all of the love,
And lovin’, now ya
Comin’ back to the scene of yer crime.
I’m gonna keep ya
In suspense for awhi-ile.
Ah-keep you hangin’
On the fence for awhile,
And-ah, ah-then I’ll let-cha down.
I’ll really let-cha down.

I ain’t gonna have
No understanding.
And when I get ti-ired
Of you hangin’ ‘roun’
I’ll let you drop then say-ay-ayay,
“You have a happy landing.”
(Happy landing.)

Have a happy landing, now.
(Have a happy landing.)
I’ve got to put you down.
(Have a happy landing.)
Don’t want-choo hanging around, now.
(Have a happy landing.)
You know that you better,
(Have a happy landing.)
Ah-you know that you better…
(Have a happy landing.)
C’mon on and have…
(Have a happy landing.)
Don’t you know that I ought to…

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