Smokey Robinson Lyrics – Really Gonna Miss You

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Smokey Robinson Really Gonna Miss You Lyrics:
[Verse 1:]
Really gonna miss you.
It’s really gonna be different
Without you.
Time is gonna be hard and slow.
For the rest of my life,
Gonna be thinkin’ about you,
Yes I am.
Time came when you had to go.

I’ll miss you, my buddy.
I’ll miss you, my friend.
I promise my love for you
Will never end.

In your finest hour,
I was there with you.
And without you,
Things won’t be the same.
But there’s a higher power,
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That we answer to.
And you heard him,
Calling your na-ay-aaayme.

[Verse 2:]
Really gonna miss you.
Everything about you,
Your smiling face, yes.
I know you want us all to be strong.
Really gonna miss you.
I know your gone
To that magic place, oh.
Singing you a brand new song.

((I’ll miss you, my buddy.))
((I’ll miss you, my friend.))
((I promise my love for you))
((Will never end.))

(I’ll miss you, my buddy)/
/I’ll miss you, my bud-ee-ee-ee.
(I’ll miss you, my friend.)/
/I’ll miss you, my friend.
((I promise my love for you))
((Will never end.))

Really gonna miss you…
Lyrics: Really Gonna Miss You, Smokey Robinson [end]

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