Sons of Thunder Lyrics – Status Quo

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Sons of Thunder Status Quo Lyrics:
“The church of status quo is always where we always seem to go”
“We never seem to do enough but the fire burns down below”
“Listen to that preacher man and turn and walk away”
“Never hear a thing he said until it’s much too late”

“Don’t you know”
“This church of status quo”
“Livin’ in the comfort zone”
“This church of status quo”
“Jesus help us change from status quo”

“Leaders will not
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compromise and they preach to itching ears”
“Keep on giving only milk, it’s been this way for years”
“Stiff necked generation says that we
don’t have to change”
“Jesus’ word has never changed and the truth now seems so strange”


“Luke warm teachers tell us all
everything’s going to be okay “
“People searching for the truth and
dying night and day”
“Never hear what Jesus said and their blood is on our hands”
” Will we live in Status Quo or will we make a stand?”

Lyrics: Status Quo, Sons of Thunder [end]

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