Sorrowseed Lyrics – Circle of False Gods

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Sorrowseed Circle of False Gods Lyrics:
[Part 1: The Endless Circle]

You truly have no purpose to question why
As frail truth breeds only slaves to a lie
Falsehood stitched to a shroud of deception
Daily masses molding nightmarish conceptions
Creation is as constant as stagnation and decay
Celestial rape breeds new horrors every day.
You self-sustaining hordes of meat
Pave and bathe in deceit and defeat.

It seems your mortal eyes failed to realize…
We are no more alive than the sands of time –
The Circle of False Gods.

Dead God-flesh obscures the future
Warming the secret dreams of nascent abominations

You cannot comprehend the depths of our creation
This day marks the age of your own extermination
Supernal and fetid we appear in your eyes
Our hunger shall arise with your nightmares’ reprise
A cynical age to cast away vestigial faiths
Madmen call to darkness, their will to desecrate
In this Feast we will see to your subjugation
We lick your bones clean and leave the lands in desolation.

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[Part II: The Prophecy Unveiled]

We bring the oppression of ash and steel
Sandstorms and pestilence revealed;
The path of sorrows blazed in fear
Clairvoyance! Unveil the End Times!
I am the Scarab Prophet
Herald of cosmic eyes
From far beyond this seal of lies
The Old Ones shall arise!

Even the strongest of men plead to the skies;
This earth will be forgotten in the sands of time.

And with strange eons, even death may die
All shall bear witness to the truth of the divine.

Mortals flee in terror as elder gods encroach;
Monsters such as these were never meant to be seen.

Frail, fragile mortals would do well to flee.
Now unveiled; the darkest of prophecies.

As shockwaves ravage the crust of the earth
The subterranean horrors rise
Forgotten citadels emerge amongst the raging waves…

As cities burn, engulfed by a star of solar flame
A living pyre dances upon the charred and scattered corpses…

Now the path is clear to dreamscapes and from far beyond the stars
The cataclysmic rift gives way and the Astral Harvest can at long last begin.

[Written by Morte McAdaver
Vocals: Casey Jones/Lilith Astaroth]

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