Starang Wondah Lyrics – The Game

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I’m with a shorty, Benz looking sporty like Fila
I come on the block, they say my name like
I step up, house niggas like Bob
What’s up consul, rolling weed is like some shit
Word up, aint that Terry (aha), her man I used to run with
Came around the way she found out that I run shit (shit)
Word, I’ve heard that that chick be on some dumb shit
Her man got locked, and now she just another broke bitch
Eiyyo, she need to kill that
Allways talking about where Ville at, he still rap?
You know that I aint even try to feel that
But it aint nuttin yo, it’s just the same old (same old, aha)
Stink ass hoes trying to get up in some rain clothes
And I’ve done fucked some strange hoes, inside of Range Roves
And I aint mad cuz it’s just the way the fucking game goes
And even know I’m 20 deep, I’ma try to lay low
With niggas that’s ready to kill as soon as I say so
And mothafuck all the others, but as long they know
That wherever Ville go, they go
From doing shows in Mexico, collect them pesos
To watchin Knicks and the Pacers in Conseco
I got access, now I’m on point like a cactus
Niggas try to flip on big Ville like a matress
Mag force, I’m bout to run this whole rap shit
It’s tragic, yall niggas know what the fucking facts is

Mothafucking game, some niggas rise
Some niggas fall in the game
Some niggas crawl in the game
Aint nobody you can call in the game
It’s all in the mothafucking game
It’s all in the game
Yo, some niggas rich, some niggas poor in the game
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I hit Atlanta, met a dime chick named Samantha
A dancer, cats who crawling like a panther
She was a freak, Gentlemen’s Club, four days a week
And even know I use to see her I would hardly ever speak
But I stayed and I watched, till there was no hoes left
And then I seen her up the Fresh, looking so so def
She had a tight Prada one-piece slit up the dress
And she only left with me cause I with the chef
But if this hoe only knew I was from the projects
She woulda never left with me and got mixed up in the mess
Cuz, she walked outside, two steps from the Lex
And two niggas had a shootout and she got hit up in the chest
I had to get the fuck up out of there, I had to go to Rob’s, rest
Lay down, smoke a spliff, it wasn’t making no sense
And hell yeah I was mad at them niggas that have did it
But the most fuck up shit is that I didn’t get to hit it
And that’s fucked up that I got to go and deal with this
Now I’m back on the plane headed for and Chris
Eiyyo, but what about the hoe that got shot? Fuck her!
You think I give a damn about a bitch? I aint a sucker (hahaha)

It’s a game
Some bitches smoke
Some bitches broke in the game
Some bitches choke in the game
A lota bitches cut throat in the game
Aint nobody you can quote in the game
Eiyyo, it’s all in the game
Some bitches hope (hope)
Some bitches get dope in the game
A lot of bitches flow in the game

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