Superstar Status Lyrics – Tonight is the Night

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Superstar Status Tonight Is The Night Lyrics:
[Talking Intro:]
Superstar Status.
You gotta turn this up.
Feel so good… when you feel so good.

[Chorus (Mista Rome):]
C’mon baby get it hot tonight
Gotta gwop, we can shop tonight
We can cruise in the drop tonight
At one o’clock tonight we hit the spot tonight

C’mon baby make it hot tonight
You gotta gimme whatcha got tonight
Make’m gon’ call the cops tonight
Just make it pop tonight… nonstop tonight

[Verse One (Mista Rome):]
Aye Mr. DJ / Turn it up, turn it up
Me and my girl on the flo’ / Bout to burn it up
Bouta take it uptown tonight/ If ya look you can tell it’s going down tonight
Aint tryna dip, wanna trip / Lets sip tonight
Keep a real bad chick / That’s my kryptonite
Look good in my black / Got my fresh turned sky high
Had to tell all my problems… bye-bye
Aye lil mama / make it bounce like a 6-4
Call me Disco / Mista gotta sick flow
All the niggas in the club/ Get buck wit me
Aint a nigga in the club / That could fuck wit me
Double shots of the Goose / Or the green Bacardi
Anywhere I go / It’s a platinum party
The bass in the beat so right / Me and my girl bouta dance all night

[Chorus (Josie):]
Me and you…
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We can do…
Anything, anything…
You want

Tell me what you want…

We can groove…

Tonight is the night… The night…

[Verse Two (First Lady):]
Four inch / Pumps on
VIP section / Mascado, Patron
Eyes on me / Cause I stay jazzy
Niggas double take / When they walk pass me
You can get the number / If you show me the cash
M’fucka don’t trip / Grade A, first class
I’ma holla back / If ya game right, game tight
6’2″ redbone nigga / My type
Hit the flo’ / Witta whole lotta swag
Gotcha real bitch mad / Cause she know a bitch bad
Bang that shit / Old skool Three 6
Bouta tear the club up / Keep it fly, G6

[Verse Three (D.N. Ice)]
Just left the club / With the baddest chick ever
We vibing when we trippin’ / Even though I just met her
Where you wanna go? / IHOP or hit up my block?
Either way / All signals lead to my spot
Dresses in all red / Witcha Nine West heels
Rip the runway / When you walking on Beale
Haters steady staring / Cause they know my lady kill
Murk the style game / Attitude stay trill
Cameras flash / Babygirl you a star with me
Making movies at the crib, baby / Starring D
Feeling lil’ tipsy / Blame Don Julio
Drop top / Cruising the block… Coolio
Sparkle in ya eye / As we cruising… CLK
Six days Seven days / at the Mandelay
Rose petals on the floor / With the candles lit
I never quit / Do shit you’ll never forget

[Chrous Fades]
Lyrics: Tonight Is The Night, Superstar Status [end]

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