Supreme Lyrics – Cheater (She Plays With You Baseball)

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What did you make?
You got a 4
And I assure
You made it up for yourself
No one else will play with you

She plays with you in baseball
She plays with you in baseball
She plays with you in baseball

You’re making plans
Just to beat her
Oh, you’re a cheater!
I found it out
You made the deal
Oh, you’re a cheater!

It is the day
You say you fail
Well you better get your nails done
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To be around you
You’re trying to beat her
You’re a cheater

No I won’t play with you
No one wants to be around you
‘Cause you’re a cheater!

You try to win
But all you do is cheat
I won’t play around
You’re a cheater!

Stop playing around
Go up and down

She won’t play with you
‘Cause you’re a cheater!

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