Ulvennight Lyrics – Eternally in the Valley of Darkness

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Ulvennight Eternally in the Valley of Darkness Lyrics:
My tears have frozen
The happiness is over
The pain of my soul has reigned
My anger has raised
The laughs have softened
The eternal agony it has begun

I contemplate the dark silhouettes
That stroll in the night
That they died before I did

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Eternally Slept I am
Drifting trough the valley of darkness
Caught in pain and desolation
Wrapped and Lost In the silence of the night
Hugged to the cold winter, like to the desperation
Sadnesses darkened my mind, my love dissapear
My heart will never suffer because everything comes to an end

Here I suffocated in my sorrow
Of whole the hurt that made me think
Black stormy clouds of pain As the darkest thoughts of my interior

The hopes vanish
The pain of my sorrow grow
My anger is kept And my soul disappears!
Lyrics: Eternally in the Valley of Darkness, Ulvennight [end]

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