Vanessa Marquez Lyrics – Day Dreaming

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Caught myself staring at the fall wall
Thinkin bout the two of us makin love
You and me

Never thought that I’ll be thinking bout you everyday
The minute of my life
To be your wife

I never thought that dreams come true
When you stepped in my life
It’s been so long
Since I’m in love baby

And everytime I sleep at night
My dreams are real I do not want to wake
(Don’t wanna wake)
Don’t wanna lose you

I’m dreamin wo ouh wo
Daydreamin’ wo ouh wo

Lets talk about a girl with lots of lovin
All that’s given to you
Don’t trip before the ballroom baby
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All the things you’d say
The dreams you’ll do
I can make it true
(Try anything for you)

And every time you call me up
My words begin I’m crazy about you
Boy what you do to me

I cannot believe
Just this happenin
That all my dreams have come true

I’m dreamin wo ouh wo
Daydreamin’ wo ouh wo
Oh ouh wooo

Oh what you want yeah
Oh what you need yeah
Oh what you see yeah


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