Vinnie Paz Lyrics – The Onslaught

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uh…qd shit nigga..uh..non phixion..outerspace..let tha hell off with tha deuce well i walk in tha rain feelin all tha pain..j.m.t. wutup..king syze my nigga..this tha grand finally baby..yo check minds racin at tha speed of emotions run deep into tha see you cant breeth on twenty thousand legues under tha sees hunger desease thunder..iv’s till i bleed thunda..ina coma till tha needles pour coronas..when im equal to tha soul or yet evil when i roll up off my off dayz..i call phaze then we spar ina cage..fight wit words while we brawlin a page..we tha craziest..nigga you can call us rap saviours..pharoas with a tongue sharp slicin through your radios..perfect.precicious of a shanghai night..fight battles scream victory.hang my mic.its a blessin..holy water splash from a revren.blast through your hole congregation your too feminen..welcome to our halls of medecine..when they let us better not sleep we on tha creep.its done again………im from tha village of tha damned.with two buckets of blood in my hand…i had money back when betho was fuckin wit cam..i use ta use a nine taurus but fuck it it jammed..i use ta be in rhyme wars wit tha ruffest of men..i destructive with hands..nice with tha can meet tha on tha body..”i dont play is a hell..kill tha king daddy knife in the citadel…”you can get it however you want it little crumb…i could leave tha microphone blood..cripple tha fuckin war lord blood staind tha opposite off pure..drugs pain tha reason why you wake in your sleep..tha reason evryone afraid ta have a race on tha beat…they facin defeat…vinnie p amazin wit heat..knife in they back..with they fuckin face in tha crete..(chorus)…uh….its sumthin bout tha way we rock that got tha crowd goin wild evrtime we come n blow tha spot maaan…thers sumthin bout tha way we spit tha got niggaz in tha streets in they wips tryin ta play these hits maaan…thers sumthin bout tha way we rock that got tha crowd n a mosh evrytime we come n blow tha spot maaan…thers sumthin bout tha way we spit that got niggaz in tha hood in they wips tryin ta play these hit.maan..i speek in world life without limits..all about action most yall about gimics..n ya finished i can see tha mirage..yall be actin develish but still be speekin ta reachin tha mind is off ta walk with thoughts are thesis.yall talk for see shit..bitch mother fuckas rip you all ta peices…you often beasted..we porterricans..sesillian mutha fuckas who will toss you beatins..unique individuals..creepin wit criminals..war is so blaitin n peace is subliminal…im killin you im vincible..nones invincible..think it through..wut tha fuck you think your hoods wuz ment ta do…i sentance you to a life of torture n pain..have these bitch mutha fuckas dont belong in tha game……you ring the alarm swearin that you killin tha song…reel murderers killin tha foundation your shit was built on..lets get it on..syze stand in militant militiove is im lyrycally gifted with bars…you pissin me off…while you sittin at bars im gettin lifted with god..explain it…tryin ta be a star more like ya did behind bars..specially tha recipe is an exceptional my musik aint deep rooted..its more like deep i make i promise of recrohonours…ta death rulers upon us? my squad a bombas on my track..harmony style..tha army non phixion man we probaly wild..tha godliest styles…dont think about outin us well turn you inta powder puffs..who tha fuck is doubtin us..tha cops lockin us..aint no holdin us there…kings syze sabac…planetary vinnie paz…
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