Vlatko Stefanovski Lyrics – Open Road

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My car is not a new one
But it takes me out of town
To some different places
To some new faces

I wish I was a sailor
On a big white ship
Who faces the horizon
In the deep blue sees

The rhythm of the trains
Is bitting in my veins
It takes me back in time
When everything was fine

Buses are always full
Airplanes are high
Motorbikes are loud and strong
Ride on your bicycle
You can’t go wrong
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Life is an open road
Turn right, turn left or staight ahead
Life is an open road
Just follow the signs and the white lines
Life is an open road
The only thing you don’t see
Life is an open road
Is the wheel of fortune and destiny

You don’t travel in space
If you don’t travel in time
You don’t travel at all
If you don’t travel in your mind

The more I travel
The more I think of you
The more I run away from you
The more i love you

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