Whisteria Cottage Lyrics – Pathology of Our Existance

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Whisteria Cottage Pathology of Our Existance Lyrics:
(I see this shit going on… fucking pisses me off.
So look around you, this isn’t our neighborhood, it’s a fucking battlefield.)

We are driven to failure,
But my blood will not be shed.
A resilience of greater fortitude,
To the forefront of admiration of a bastard.
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Creative yet a life of worthiness,

When is it my time to shine.
Fractured yet he is still swinging strong.
Finally earning a right to be a apart.
Designed for identical reconstruction.
I was born to start this change,
Worry for the weak yet cry for the strong.
In a world, where everything is wrong we look in ourselves.
We are the ones that belong.
Lyrics: Pathology of Our Existance, Whisteria Cottage [end]

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