Yogya Parsai Lyrics – A Tragic Story

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No, evil powers can defeat the rising heaven
of the good powers
the god always knew what to do, but there is
always evil inside him to stop from hearing the
misery of what human do now,
the tragic story of them I want to tell you
one of his atrocity of life, he found that it was you
the you was devil neither good nor evil
the satanic bless to the gods the fucking gods
god always hears what human has told
but devil makes him like angel in behold
the rich, poor human, the all other human
the humanity grew within the devilry woman
satan knew, the god knew that she was lilith
the satanic woman, the mother of demons the devil woman
she was created by god but ruined lord of gods
she was punished being evil and cruel
the clain her husband became evil and cruel
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but he to lose in battle of heaven
the god being guilty that felt
but he created the eve and adam to held
he never wished that this two are good
god created human, it is only true
satan created humanity, it is too true
now the life goes on and the system like this
the fountain of life goes from heaven by hiss
the earth was target once of heaven and hell
now, now………now………now………
The time is over, end of this story too
the tragic story of lords are tragic too
so, I want to tell you worship to the god,
worship to satan
but never worship the evil inside them
end of story, the tragic story of them
never listen again………

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