Yogya Parsai Lyrics – Devotees of Satan

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We the member of this band
never gain love but got damned
to our fearful legend
don’t force us to take revenge
we, devotees of satan
feeling happy, bit of satisfy
wanted to fly and no, more cry
but this is incantations, suppose
we will cast in all your tension
we, devotees of satan
never wandered to single normal day
always gleat with clay
those spells to our shadows
we,the children of thee grave
we, devotees of satan
death never comes as we bleed hate
we something wanted,meeting with fate
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we all sings to gait
we,devotees of satan
we, children of satan.
We, devotees of shaitaan.
Promising people, that we all will entertain
resplendent light with vociferousness of pain
impetous we, dearest to all,
if not all, to someone who falls.
Let people say as they think
we will turn colourless acid to pink
this is our wills.
Devotees of satan and their wills.
We,devotees of satan
devotees of satan
devotees of shaitaan
devotees of satan.

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