Yogya Parsai Lyrics – My Bloody Dream

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When I was asleep I saw a dream, that says my legend
last night was the past
in the past, I saw, I was barely lost
treating indigenously, digenously human right
in a blue pry grave, I was ruined and raped
I saw me like a knave, sexy slave
inside a cave suited for slave and bit of knave
now, in a dream I saw bloody bones
in a grave and darkly zones
in dream like a muddy, I saw the grave
the grave of mine under the devil’s canine
in the cave of my grave
like methyl inside a coal mine
I was a soul the pagan human soul
the immortal soul, the midnight soul
my immortal soul
in night at midnight
the past life cried that horrible night
the voices of tide asked that I was alone
he kept me like a poor as if I am alone
in my that dream I saw a ghost, similar to me
crying like a wolf and like a ghost, but it was me
the grave told it is twelve
now it is time to ask moon for sunlight block
the baby cries in the horror wind
the poor population howled in blasty wind
I went beyond lost medianess
why?they are hidden like a ruined goddesses
but I cannot understand a dream of own
maybe tricks has been played upon my heart and mind
I lost consumer, confidence in causal
purna karma causal, karma causal
my casual causal, my ugra causal
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the new born me at a golden prophecy
general bottled water in negativity
I will lost my mind
but never mind
my stupid mind are of no kind
a grave vine on a castle of flock
what offloves I did rather get knocked
what?illusion in lilith’s bio constant
lucifer the devil’s name
what is my name summer death came
I was prophetic and I became
I saw a dream that nobody saw
the ding dong bell
once called me to hell
the golden time in my dirty cell
hope of swore before the day goes
dawn of rising hell malarial bored today
the day goes as if new morn came
new morn came till the old human came
that was my dream, louder horrible scream
I was dreaming like in movie vanhelsing
I saw all this bloody things
in my bloody dream
no, no, but yes,
I saw in my dream
in my bloody dream
dream of a sinner, as I am sinner
my dream are sins, my sleep are sins
I, my dream, I saw in my dream
in my bloody dream
that bloody dream, in my bloody dream………

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