Yogya Parsai Lyrics – Nemesis

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The stainless blade of strength
the stainless blade of steel
can be matched under the god’s will
the powerful wheel,the powerful will
the nation always wants to do
the mischief faults are of the loo.
The people’s eyes wore full of tears
the running troopers and their gears
the unity of the world’s will,the powerful will
the wicked wing,the powerful wheel,the powerful will.
They all sets up in dualing place
facing towards western skies by face to face
they all hide in those dark place
black holes,black tunnel,black cloth and space to pace
they lit up like electronica wires
they hit enemies with bloody fires
the anger of bullet that perched the heads
of enemies………
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the justiciable nemesis
the stainless blade of honesty
the stainless blade of grace
can be matched under the nature’s will
the powerful will,the powerful wheel.
The anger of bullet that perched the heads
of enemies………
The cruel nemesis
the united nemesis
The dark nemesis
the black nemesis
the dark nemesis
the nemesis.

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