Yung Wun Lyrics – Walk it, Talk it

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Oh Yea, All In Formation

We Gon Walk Wit It (Hey)
We Gon Talk Wit It (Ooooh)
Got Me Screamin Out
Yung Bunch Yall Dont Say That Again
Yung Bunch Yall Dont Say That Again

This Face Expression Of A Baller
Shot Calla, Gettin Down For Miles Of Travelin Through These Walls
Leavin The Green Ova Bi***Es, Shady Tells A 50 Licks
It’s Sad I Had To Leave Em In Critacal Conditions
Up In That Hoodulum Wall Club Poorin Liquor On Niggaz
It’s Green Fellish For Life Dere They Go Hit The Lights
Back Do It In Park,As I Bounced Up Out That Cash Po’
Call Up Joe, Where He At?, He At Tha Airport
Duckin An Runnin Frum These Po Pos They Outta Control
30 Cops Chasin A Nigga Frum The Ghetto
Got Away Clean,
Tired As Hell I Put That Suit Case Down

6 Oclok In Tha Mourin Stretchin And Yawnin As The Sun Rise
Poorin Out Liquor Fo All My Soldiers That Died
In These Ghetto Days, Bussin Bottles And Shoot The Bi***Es
Its Them Ghetto Ways, Them Ghetto Ways (Hey)
My 1st Mission Of The Day, Wit A Swisha Fired Up
They Say Ya Back In The Trap Again Shorty So What
Where The Weed At? Believe That, I Need That, So Niggaz
On The South Side Get Slack
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Put A Blunt In My Casket Shorty Let Mah Soul Smoke
So On 3,Ppg Fast Street For Cannonville
On The Souf Side Where Hard Heads Ride We Keep It Real

Im Tryin To Cop The New Bently Thang,
I Already Got The Fansies Off The Lot Wit Tha Cuban Frames
4 4’s On Top I Move Them Thangs
Ya Car Slippin In Tha Hood Ya Mite Loose Ya Brain
Like A Black Bird, Thats Rite, High Up On The Curve
David Atten On Mah Face Like Cfa, Gia But Call Em Dedra Allison
Bay Banks And Billoms High Flys And Hideaways
In Dresdon Stay And Play
I Got Tha Nelly Claw On The Seize And Do’
Ya Neva Saw A Yung Nigga Do This Sh** Befo’

Let Em Kno, Every Hood Roun The World This How We Doin This Here
Yung Wun, Knoe What Im Sayin, Bringin It To Ya On The Real, Uncut Strait Street, All Hood , America (Haaaaa) We Have A Prolem
4 Real Its Goin Down (Aahahah)

Do It,Do It,Do It,Do It,Do It,Do It,Hit That Mutha

East Side What, West Side What, Down Soth Motha Fuka, Where Tha Mouf Motha F***A

East Side,West Side,North Side,South Side, Mississippi In Dis Thang Rite
Atl Man, St. Louis Man, Magnolia, Bounce Bak, Get That What

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